GraphQL API Documentation


The GraphQL API provides data on streams, views and feeds. Streams represent the flow of media that encompasses the media sent from a publisher, through the service and to the multiple viewers. Streams can have multiple feeds, each of which represent a single media source publishing into the stream. Streams also have multiple streamViews, each of which represent a media stream going to a viewer.


The GraphQL API contains five different models. These models are used to query stats and real time information of the service:

Each model represents different aspects of data within the service. AccountStat represents account wide views, all views for every stream owned by an account. Feed represents a feed within a stream and conveys, when it started, when it ended, or if it is active. StreamStat represents the views within a stream. StreamView represents a single instance of a view, providing details of the viewer such as location and when they viewed a stream.
AccountStat and StreamStat are all aggregated data. They are aggregated by "stat periods", which are five minute intervals. Feed and StreamView are not aggregated.


For each model there are five different resolvers. These resolvers are used to return data in different methods:

  • FindOne
  • FindMany
  • Count
  • Connection
  • Pagination

FindOne returns a single instance of the corresponding data. FindMany returns all instances of the corresponding data. Count returns the number of all instances of the data. Connection and Pagination are used to return instances of the data in different paginated formats.