Updates to Web Client SDK (v3.5.0)

Web Client SDK



  • The Web Client SDK now supports the Dolby Voice Codec (DVC) in Dolby Voice conferences to improve audio processing and offer higher audio quality. The use of DVC also increases the conference capacity from 50 users to 250 users in audio-only conferences.
    The DVC codec is supported only on Chrome and Edge on desktop operating systems. Otherwise, the SDK triggers the DolbyVoiceNotSupported exception. For more information, see the Supported Environments document.
    If, for some reason, you would like to use Opus instead of DVC, you can set the dvwc parameter to false.

  • Support for the comfort noise level and typing noise suppression functionalities.

  • Media device management improvements that allow getting a list of the available devices, selecting the preferred devices, and notifying about the added, updated, and removed devices.

  • The SDK is now able to notify about changes of the recording status via the new statusUpdated event.