OBS WebRTC Release Notes

Releases of the open-source WebRTC fork of Open Broadcaster Software (OBS).

2024-03-25 - 1.5.3


The macOS x64 deployment target is now set to 10.14.

2023-11-07 - 1.5.2


Fixed an issue where WebRTC did not reach the turn server.

2023-09-01 - 1.5.1


  • The product now uses WebRTC m112.
  • Added a user agent string for WebSocket.
  • Added support for HDR color space Rec. 2100 in VP9 10 bit.
  • Added the I010 color format.


  • Fixed Rec. 601 color rendering issue.
  • Fixed HDR white color level issue.

2023-04-18 - 1.5.0


  • The product now uses OBS-Studio 28.1.2, WebRTC m108, and obs-ndi 4.11.1.
  • Introduced the ability to enable and disable congestion control bandwidth estimation from the settings panel and the stream / advanced settings.


Fixed a crash that occurred after starting and stopping a stream repeatedly.