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2021-09-30 -

We've added a new /media/transcode (b1.0) API. Updates to the /media/enhance (v1.1.2) API.

Media Transcode API

We are introducing the Media Transcode API as a public beta.

The Media Transcode API offers the capability to convert video and audio media files, to different formats. A variety of different codecs, file types, and formats are supported, allowing you to prepare media for playback on web browsers and mobile. Altering Frame Height and Width, Codec, Frame Rate, Bit Rate are amongst a variety of other parameters available to create the desired output file. Support for multiple playback environments is possible by creating multiple output files in a single API call. The ability to create HLS/DASH formats allows the preparation of media for streaming. Multiple thumbnails of videos files can be created file for easier navigation and discovery. At launch, Transcode supports AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure storage.

During the beta period, users have 1000 minutes per month of free Transcode usage to explore its functionality.

Enhance API

Speed optimizations reducing the time it takes to process all files.

Updated plosive reduction. Improved speech preservation during plosive reduction and removal of the obsolete auto value for the Speech.Plosive.Value.Amount field.