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2021-06-28 -

Added new APIs /media/oauth2/token (v1.0) and /media/analyze/speech (b1.0). Additional updates to the /media/enhance (v1.1.1) API.

OAuth2 Authentication

  • A new API /media/oauth2/token allows a developer to generate OAuth2 access tokens for Bearer Authentication
  • The existing media processing APIs accept OAuth2 access-token for authorization
  • See the documentation for more information

Media Enhance

Improved invalid parameter handling

  • Invalid parameters now return a 400 error with a message including the name of the parameter

Media Speech Analytics

Introducing the Speech Analytics API (Beta). Its focus is to analyze and return meaningful insights from the speech in your media, such as:

  • Speech Percentage
  • Number of Talkers
  • Talker
    • Per Talker Loudness
    • Per Talker Quality Score
    • Per Talker Temporal Sections
    • Section
      • Per Section Loudness
      • Per Section Quality Score