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2021-06-01 -

The new /media/diagnose (b1.0) API is now available in Beta. Additional updates to the /media/enhance (v1.1) API.

Media Enhance

  • Processing speed improvements to reduce job completion times

Media Diagnose (Beta)

Introducing the Diagnose API (Beta). It's initial focus is to quickly identify a set of common audio issues found in media files by providing:

  • Dolby Quality and Noise scores
  • Media Information about the format of a file
    • Video
      • Height and Width
      • Codec
      • Frame Rate
    • Audio
      • Number of Channels
      • Format
      • Sample Rate
      • Bit Depth
      • etc
    • If and how many times the audio has clipped
    • Loudness level of the audio
    • Presence of Music and/or Speech in a file
    • How much Silence is present at the start and end of a file and if a channel is silent