Updates to REST APIs, support for raw frames for ingest, WHEP support, and new regional cluster

Updates to REST APIs

Introduced the stream_stopstream and stream_stopbyaccount REST APIs to stop an active stream, or stop all active streams associated with the account. This allows users to stop a stream that is being published to moderate their content.

Support for ingesting raw frames

Introduced support for ingesting raw audio and video frames using the Native SDK, which gives customers the ability to define and capture their own frames for working on devices, such as drones. This allows any Android device to stream directly to the Native SDK. For more information, see the Using the Native SDK to Ingest Raw Frames article.

WHEP support for playback

Introduced support for WebRTC-HTTP Egress Protocol (WHEP) in Millicast to support standardization of WebRTC playback. This allows streaming services, Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) and WebRTC Transmission Network (WTNs) to use multiple vendors to support their WebRTC-based services. This specification is based on the https://www.ietf.org/archive/id/draft-murillo-whep-00.html draft and will be updated to upcoming versions as soon as they are available. The WHEP endpoint is available here.

New Regional Cluster in Bangalore

Deployment of new a regional cluster that can be specified by stream or account. This increases the global footprint of the service, and reduces end-to-end latency in specific regions.