Module: Conference Service

The options that define how the application expects to join a conference in terms of media preference.

#include <conference.h>

Public Classes

The local media constraints that are passed to the getUserMedia call.

Public Attributes

std::optional< int >max_video_forwarding
std::optional< std::string >conference_access_token
struct dolbyio::comms::services::conference::join_options;

Public Attributes Documentation

variable max_video_forwarding

std::optional< int > max_video_forwarding;

Sets the maximum number of video streams that may be transmitted to the SDK. Valid parameter values are between 0 and 25. Leaving this parameter unset results in 25 as the maximum number of video streams that can be transmitted to the SDK.

variable constraints

constraints constraints;

The local media constraints.

variable conference_access_token

std::optional< std::string > conference_access_token;

The conference access token that is required to join a protected conference if the conference is created using the create REST API. The application needs to externally fetch and provide the token to the SDK when it calls the join or listen method.

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