Server C++ SDK
The Server C++ SDK Interface allows initializing the Server C++ SDK and accessing the underlying services.

Asynchronous Operations
The Asynchronous Operations group gathers classes and helper functions responsible for asynchronous operations in the Server C++ SDK.

Conference Service
The Conference Service allows joining and leaving conferences as well as subscribing to events.

Default Media Injector Plugin
The Default Media Injector plugin is a module that allows injecting locally captured media into the conference.

Default Media Recorder Plugin
The Default Media Recorder Plugin is a ready-to-use library that allows capturing audio and video data and storing them on a local hard drive.

Event Handling
The Event Handling connection interface handles subscribing to events.

SDK Event Types
The SDK Event Types group gathers all event types for the Server C++ SDK.

The Exceptions group gathers all possible Server C++ SDK exceptions.

Logging Levels
The Logging Levels group gathers logging levels available in the Server C++ SDK.

Media Injector API**
The Media Injector API gathers classes and functions for writing modules to inject audio and video into a conference.

Media Recorder API
The Media Recorder API gathers classes and functions for writing modules to record audio and video.

Session Service
The Session Service is responsible for opening and closing sessions on the backend. Opening a session is mandatory before joining conferences.

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