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Video Call for React


The application available in this repository demonstrates the capabilities of's video call solution for browser applications, built using React.

This repository demonstrates how to develop an app using the core features and also provides an understanding of how our service works. If you run into problems, the full Communications SDK for JavaScript documentation can be found here.

The application provided allows you to evaluate solutions offered by Communications APIs. You can clone the repository yourself, run the application locally and verify that it meets your requirements. Learn more about’s video conference capabilities here.

Its scope covers:

  • Initialization of SDK
  • Creating and joining a conference
  • Camera, microphone and audio output configuration
  • Full conference view with grid display of user streams
  • Basic video conferencing interactions (muting, camera switching)
  • Screen sharing
  • Recording
  • Background blur (available only on desktop Chrome and Edge)
  • Music mode (available only on desktop Chrome and Edge)
  • Live-streaming through the API after additional setup process using live streaming features

View the Video Call React Sample App repository in Github to get started.

Additional Features

Live Streaming a Video Call

The Live Streaming Features of the Video Call for React app allow you to stream the conference to a large number of viewers. Live Streaming uses Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) to stream through a third-party service such as Youtube and Facebook.


You can also add custom layouts to your live stream. For more information, see the Creating a Customer Mixer Layout Application article.

Activating Music Mode in a Video Call

Music mode extends the Communications APIs product to allow you to deliver content beyond voice and video into a conference. It combines a high-quality audio pipeline along with algorithms that enhance the quality of music. Music mode is perfect for music lessons, virtual concerts, and music-focused webinars. For more information, see the Music Mode article.

To activate music mode during a conference, simply click on the the music icon in the lower-right corner of the Video Call application.


When music mode is active, you will see the music icon in the top-right corner of the participant's video pane, as well as a purple dot above the music icon in the lower-right corner of the Video Call application.


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