Downloading Recordings Communications APIs platform allows downloading the recorded files in three ways; you can either download the files from the dashboard, use webhooks, or REST APIs. The platform allows downloading the recorded files, but it is not designed for distributing the files to end-users. To deliver recordings to end-users, customers need to download recordings to their own storage and distribute them from their platform.

Note: If you did not enable the liveRecording (Web, iOS, Android) parameter, call the remix REST API after the end of the conference to generate and retrieve the recorded file.

Downloading files from the dashboard

1. Select the Login link located in the upper right corner of the page. Log in using your email and password.

2. In the dashboard, select your application from the APPLICATIONS category located on the left side menu.

3. Select the Monitor tab at the top of the page.

4. Use the conference alias, ID, or a date to search for the recorded conference.

5. In the Recording section, select the Download button.

Downloading files using webhooks

Use webhook events to receive notifications informing that the conference recording is ready and can be downloaded through the URL link included in the webhook event. This URL link expires in ten minutes. If the recording is not downloaded within ten minutes, you will not be able to access the recording using the original URL included in the webhook. If you do not receive the webhook event, or the URL has expired, you can use the Monitor API to retrieve the URL. Communications APIs offer the following webhook events:

Webhook eventsDolby Voice conferencesNon-Dolby Voice conferences
Recording.Audio.AvailableAllows downloading audio recordings in the MP3 formatNot supported
Recording.MP4.AvailableAllows downloading video recordings in the MP4 formatAllows downloading audio recordings in the MP3 format or video recordings in the MP4 format, depending on the selected format.

To receive both recording formats in the case of Dolby Voice conferences, select the BOTH recording format and use Recording.Audio.Available and Recording.MP4.Available webhook events.

The splits webhook element allows receiving separate audio recordings for each conference participant in Dolby Voice conferences. This option requires enabling the Generate audio recordings for each participant option in the dashboard.

Downloading files using REST APIs

Use the Get recording details and Get the recordings of a specific conference REST APIs to access the recording details, and receive URLs to download the split recordings, audio recordings, and video recordings of one or more conferences.