Server C++ SDK

The SDK Interface is a starting point that allows initializing the Server C++ SDK and accessing the underlying services. To use the SDK, follow these steps:

  1. Acquire the necessary access tokens from an application server.
  2. Set a log level for the SDK using the sdk::set_log_level method.
  3. Create the SDK instance using the sdk::create method. The create call needs to contain a valid access token in order to initialize the SDK.
  4. Log in to the backend by using the Session Service. Retrieve a reference to the Session Interface through the sdk::session method.
  5. To create and join a conference, retrieve a reference to the Conference Service through the sdk::conference method.


The SDK interface is the entry point for the CoreSDK API.
The interface for the function object, which is passed by the SDK to the applications' refresh token callback. The application needs to fetch a new token and invoke the function call operator that passes the token.

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