Conference Service

The Conference Service allows joining and leaving conferences as well as subscribing to events. To use the Conference Service, follow these steps:

  1. Open a session using services::session::open.
  2. Create the Media Recording Module instance using the Default Recorder and the plugin::recorder interface.
  3. Set the Recording Module instance as the Media Sink for the Conference Service via the services::conference::set_media_sink method.
  4. Create the Media Injector Module instance using the Default Injector and the plugin::injector interface
  5. Create a Media Injection Source (something with the ability to provide raw frames to the Media Injector Module). This can be an application that reads from a file, gets remote stream etc... and provides the media frames to the injector. This source should be passed a reference to the Media Injector Module.
  6. Set the Injector Module instance as the Media Source for the Conference Service via the services::conference::set_media_source method.
  7. Subscribe to the events exposed through the service using the services::conference::add_event_handler methods for the respective event.
  8. Create a conference via the services::conference::create method.
  9. Join the created conference via the services::conference::join or services::conference::listen method.
  10. The SDK returns the async_result class that contains the conference_info structure, which describes the conference.
  11. Leave the conference using the services::conference::leave method.


The options that define how the application expects to join a conference in terms of media preference.
The conference options structure that provides additional information about a conference.
Provides methods of the Conference Service.
Emitted when a participant changes status.
Contains the current status of a conference participant and information whether the participant's audio is enabled.
Emitted when a participant successfully joins the conference.
Emitted whenever conference status changes.
Emitted when a new message is received in the current conference.
Contains the conference information. This structure provides conference details that are required to join a specific conference. The SDK returns conference_info to describe the created or joined conference.
Emitted whenever the active speaker changes. An empty list of speakers indicates that there is no active speaker.

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