Feature: Enable Music Mode in a Video Call

Learn more about Music Mode to deliver full bandwidth sound for music-specific virtual communication applications.



Whether your users are performing at or attending interactive music events, participating in a virtual music lesson, or simply leading a webinar containing music, Music Mode is designed to capture and deliver a high-quality listening experience for all participants.
Toggleable by users, Dolby.io Music Mode adjusts the processing of outbound participant audio to optimize for music, applying customized noise suppression and enhancing the audio to ensure music is captured and delivered in high quality.

Create a Video Call application using the React UIKIT or add the music mode feature to your existing video or voice call application using the links below.

Use Cases Features Tech Stack
  • Live video call
  • Chat, conferences, webinars, or events which feature or showcase music.
  • Music Mode
  • React
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • TypeScript/JavaScript

Getting Started


  • Music lessons
  • Virtual concerts
  • Music-focused webinars

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