Module: Exceptions

The class that describes conferencing errors that occur when setting a remote description fails. This means that there is an incompatibility in the offer, for example, that the offer contains not supported codecs.

#include <exception.h>

Inherits from dolbyio::comms::media_engine_exception, dolbyio::comms::conference_exception, dolbyio::comms::exception, exception

Public Functions

remote_description_exception(const std::string & reason)
The constructor that takes a reason for error.

Additional inherited members

Public Functions inherited from dolbyio::comms::media_engine_exception

media_engine_exception(const std::string & reason)
media_engine_exception constructor

Public Functions inherited from dolbyio::comms::conference_exception

conference_exception(const std::string & description)
The constructor that takes the exception description.

Public Functions inherited from dolbyio::comms::exception

~exception() =default
const char *what() const override
Overrides to std::exception that returns a description of the exception.
exception(const std::string & description)
The constructor that takes the description of the exception.

Protected Attributes inherited from dolbyio::comms::exception

class dolbyio::comms::remote_description_exception;

Public Functions Documentation

function remote_description_exception

inline remote_description_exception(
    const std::string & reason

The constructor that takes a reason for error.


  • reason Describes in detail the reason for remote description setup failure.

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