Module: Exceptions

The class that describes a conference error that results from a network connection issue. This error has a direct correlation with the disconnected PeerConnectionState. According to the WebRTC documentation, this state may be triggered intermittently and resolve without any action on less reliable networks. Therefore, this error is not considered fatal or non-recoverable like the PeerConnectionFailed state.

#include <exception.h>

Inherits from dolbyio::comms::media_engine_exception, dolbyio::comms::conference_exception, dolbyio::comms::exception, exception

Public Functions

peer_connection_disconnected_exception(const std::string & reason)
The constructor that takes the reason for error.

Additional inherited members

Public Functions inherited from dolbyio::comms::media_engine_exception

media_engine_exception(const std::string & reason)
media_engine_exception constructor

Public Functions inherited from dolbyio::comms::conference_exception

conference_exception(const std::string & description)
The constructor that takes the exception description.

Public Functions inherited from dolbyio::comms::exception

~exception() =default
const char *what() const override
Overrides to std::exception that returns a description of the exception.
exception(const std::string & description)
The constructor that takes the description of the exception.

Protected Attributes inherited from dolbyio::comms::exception

class dolbyio::comms::peer_connection_disconnected_exception;

Public Functions Documentation

function peer_connection_disconnected_exception

inline peer_connection_disconnected_exception(
    const std::string & reason

The constructor that takes the reason for error.


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