Updates to C++ SDK (v2.4.0-beta.1) - Introduced desktop capture, added volume input/output setting APIs, reduced library size, improved HW encoding on macOS.




  • Added Desktop Capture capability on all platforms. The available displays can be enumerated via the device management service and then capture can be started in the conference service.
  • Introduced an API for setting input/output volume as well as providing a volume notification in Dolby Voice conferences.
  • Reduced SDK library size.
  • Allow for encoding higher resolutions when using H264 HW encoder on Apple Silicon.


  • Previous SDK versions allowed setting up only a single video sink at a time, and the video sink would get all frames with their stream and track IDs. The previous SDKs were also passed the sink by a raw pointer, and the application was responsible for keeping the object alive until the new sink was set. Now when setting the video sink the sink interface is passed in a shared pointer and the SDK will drop its reference when the sink is replaced or the track is removed. The SDK still guarantees that when streaming stops, the pointer will not be used any more.
  • Removed the media_source and media_sink interfaces as they are no longer being used by the SDK.

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue on macOS where passing non-existent camera ID to start video call resulted in a crash.